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Highly Commended at the 2009 Sound and Image Awards

Once Analog appeared at the Australian Audio
and AV Show in Sydney in October 2012


My Blog

Listening to records has always been a part of my life. I recall when I was a teenager, almost 50 years ago, Saturday afternoons were enjoyed with friends and listening to music. Back in that period, the record player was the only high-fidelity source.

As time passed, the tradition continued with regular meetings. They were great times, spending an afternoon with mates, listening to favourite records.

The music world was changing, for this was the era of Beatlemania, with pop groups emerging like: The Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Who and Them. (Who can forget Dusty Springfield's concert in Sydney?).

Throughout the seventies, my platter continued to spin as I remained interested in music. During the eighties I witnessed another change to the music world. The introduction of Digital-Audio, The Compact Disc Player.

Almost overnight, people were discarding their record collection, changing over to the new music format. This became a real Bonanza as I remained loyal to the record player. I purchased hundreds of records for less than a dollar each.

There was another bonus, good quality, preowned record players were coming into the market place, at very low prices, so I started collecting them. I became a record player addict, finding it impossible to walk away from one I had come across for sale. To date over two hundred passing through my home, having sixty at one given time.

I have always found them so intriguing, they are such beautiful things. In many ways resembling people, all similar, but different, having their own individual personality.

Over the years I have indulged in a number of expensive record players: Sota, Oracle, Well Tempered, Pink Triangle, Roksan, Thorens, Golmund and the famed Linn Sondeck the LP12. The classic Garrard 301, the Thorens TD124 and the Lenco L75 have also had their place.

Although my taste in music has changed, enjoying more jazz and classical pieces, there can be no argument. Despite continued efforts by manufacturers of digital-audio components, nothing quite matches the sound of vinyl.

For years I have been in record player restoration and repairs. I have had ambitions, of producing an extremely high quality record player and offering it to vinyl enthusiasts throughout the world. A precision instrument, ornament like in appearance, being made of the finest materials. A record player with such high build and finish standards, that it would satisfy the most fastidious owner and a record player that would be capable of producing outstanding high-fidelity" .......


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