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Highly Commended at the 2009 Sound and Image Awards

Once Analog appeared at the Australian Audio
and AV Show in Sydney in October 2012


Once Analog Instruction Manual

Thank you for purchasing "Once" as your analog system. With it's finest finish and stringent build quality, you will now appreciate the natural sound reproduction on which this player is based.

While the set-up procedure is straight forward, it is recommended that you take a few moments to read the manual and familiarize yourself with the player and it's various components.

Preparation for Assembly
Choose an appropriate assembly location and cover your work area with a piece of foam (or similar material) to avoid damaging the fine finish.

Fitting the Feet
Having carefully unpacked the various parts of your record player; rest the plinth on it's back-edge and fully screw in the stainless-steel feet (photos 1 and 2). Then, stand the plinth on it's feet.

Oiling the Bearing
The bearing-housing has been thoroughly cleaned prior to dispatch. Remove the housing cap and 1/3 fill with "Once" Turntable Lubricant (supplied). This initial oiling process will last for many years.

Fitting the Drive Belt

  1. Turn the platter upside-down and fit the belt around the drive-hub. Using the Teflon grease and cotton-swab (supplied) apply to the end of the spindle and place the hardened steel-ball in position.

  2. Now, turn the platter over and carefully place the spindle into the bearing-housing. Due to a hydraulic-lock the spindle will only sink into the housing a few millimetres, as it comes to rest on top of the oil.

    Do not attempt to force-down or spin the platter. The platter's own weight will eventually bring the spindle's ball to rest on the thrust plate, this could take several hours, be patient.

  3. Now, carefully take hold of the turntable belt and gently place it over the motor pulley (photo 5).

  4. Note: a piece of cord placed between the drive-hub and belt will aid in this process (photos 4 and 5). The belt is of very high quality and will last for several years. Check the belt every twelve months for wear.

  5. When the platter comes to rest, fit the acoustic turntable mat (photo 6).

  6. Note: Avoid handling the drive-belt with oil or grease on your fingers. If the belt becomes contaminated with these substances, clean it with denatured alcohol. In this event, I recommend you also clean the drive-hub and motor pulley.

Fitting Your Chosen Tonearm

  1. Unscrew the four hexagonal stainless-steel bolts from the arm-board using the allen-key (supplied).

  2. Fit your choice of tonearm according to the manufacturers instructions.

  3. If an additional earthing point is required, it is located on the underside R/H corner - the same post is used to house the P-clamps that support the phono leads.

  4. Clip the P-clamps onto the phono leads and fasten to the plinth's underside (photo 7). Take care when using screwdrivers and allen-keys, so as not to mar the finish.

Setting the Turntable Speed

  1. Connect the power-supply and place the "Once" calibration disc (supplied) on the turntable spindle.

  2. Start the turntable at the desired speed and allow sufficient time for the motor and bearings to warm up.

  3. Direct a suitable 50Hz/60Hz mains-powered, fluorescent light source onto the surface of the stroboscope.

  4. The stroboscope ring associated with your speed setting and mains frequency should now appear stationary.

  5. Note: To achieve the most accurate results the turntable speed should be checked or adjusted while the stylus is in contact with a playing record.

Preparing for Play
Using a spirit-level, check the player's final location. It is very most important that "Once" is levelled properly. An unlevelled player will have a detrimental affect on the bearing and also the tone arm/cartridge performance.

Running In
The external power-supply will require approximately three hours run in time and the turntable bearing about twelve hours, after which your Once Analog Record Player will start to sound its best.

Care of Your Investment
Occasionally wipe the plinth over with a sponge dampened in warm water and a mild dish washing liquid. You can follow this up by spraying "Mr. Sheen" (available from your supermarket) onto a soft cloth and apply in a circular motion. This will bring back the shine to "Once". Buff with a soft cloth.

Care of Perspex Dust Cover
If you have purchased a perspex lid, clean it by wiping straight from right to left with a dampened sponge. Do not dry-wipe the perspex lid and do not wipe using a circular motion.

My Appreciation to All
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your purchase. As the years pass you will appreciate "Once" more and more. The player has been designed and crafted with a love of listening to vinyl.

Enjoy The Music,

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