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Highly Commended at the 2009 Sound and Image Awards

Once Analog appeared at the Australian Audio
and AV Show in Sydney in October 2012


Once ... the Record Player Mk.11

... a unique development by an enthusiast

"Once" is a totally different conception from the suspended sub-chassis design, without any compromise in sound quality!

My record players are not produced in quantity. They are meticulously hand-crafted and finished one at a time. Only the best of materials are used, predominately 316 (non magnetic) stainless-steel for the machined components and medium-density craftwood for the plinths. "Once" is engineered to satisfy the most demanding lover of vinyl playing equipment. The exceptional focal points that contribute to the remarkable sound quality are:

  • Silicone Damped Spindle
  • Bearing Housing Isolation Cylinder made From MS Nylon
  • Composite Plinth Construction, with Acrylic Inlay
  • Machined Cast-Lead Motor Chamber
  • One Piece Platter Design weighing 4kg

The Plinth

Composite construction using laminates of medium-density MDF, with acrylic inlay. The underside, being recessed at three points to accommodate the stainless-steel cylinders, house the stainless steel feet; which have been machined to a special convex shape. This, in turn, minimises surface contact; reduces external vibration; and all is adjustable for leveling accuracy. Beautifully finished in piano-black, with many additional coats of a tough, durable clear lacquer. Hand polished leaving an attractive lustre that will blend with any home decor. Plinth dimensions: W480mm X D380mm X H60mm, (excluding feet).

The Turntable

Accurately machined from solid high-grade aluminium. The process of being machined on all surfaces, is a superior method as opposed to being partially machined and dynamically balanced. 300mm in diameter incorporating a 165mm drive-hub, weighing 4kg. One piece design, (an important feature) for increased sound enhancement. Highly polished for added appearance.

The Bearing Housing and Spindle

The spindle is made from 316 non-magnetic stainless-steel, using a Phosphor bronze bearing housing, which is precision bored to suit the spindle. The spindle is highly polished with hardened steel chrome ball and Delrin thrust plate. Throughout the entire machining process, very close tolerances are maintained, assuring rumble-free performance and long life durability. The spindle is screwed into the turntable, resting on a narrow rim - here a cavity exists between the adjoining parts. This area is filled with a viscous silicone damping fluid and works as a catchment reservoir, absorbing friction noise generated by the bearing, before it reaches the record surface. The results are amazing, delivering unsurpassed clarity!

The Drive Mechanism

Belt-driven, using a high-torque low noise DC motor and Once Vari-Drive external power supply. The motor represents a new design concept; Non-cogging and also iron-less, giving much smoother and more efficient operation - with less vibration. The motor features a highly-polished, stainless-steel pulley and is critically mounted using a special stainless-steel mounting plate. The motor is seated in a well machined, die-cast lead chamber. DC power for the motor is provided by the Vari-Drive electronically regulated power supply. A rotary switch selects motor speed with fine adjustment by means of two screwdriver presets on the back panel. Input to the Vari-Drive is 9V AC from a suitable 1A plug-pack.

The Tone Arm

Designed for use with the world's finest pick-up arms, "Once" is available without tonearm. Armboards are laminated from layers of acrylic sheeting and craftwood core. They are available in blank form or precision bored to suit. The armboard area has been increased to L150mm X W100mm to accommodate any 9" tonearm and all are easily adaptable. Bring out the best of your record collection by fitting your favourite tonearm.

Dust Cover (optional)

Beautifully hand-made perspex lids; with a fold across the front and rear and glued in side sections. Available at an additional cost.

Drive Mechanism

Vari-Drive Motor Power Supply - front view

Vari-Drive Motor Power Supply - rear view

Vari-Drive Interior View - PCB and Electronics


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